[Lyrics] T Dollar – Hello Lyrics


T Dollar


(It’s Rapid, The Sound P’Ika)

I don already promised myself say I no go talk on this

But, e le expect ki Eshu beleke ma kigbe “God forbid”

Hard times dey, last time I check, nobody call on me

A’tete mo lo better, ti mo gbo, Olohun lo yo mi

And no be every time man dey konji, e go hmm

Koshey plus, ti sapa ba ma mu e, e go sup

But, dey watch t’oba r’omo Ikorodu, ko gbe tan

‘Cause no be for here you go see the girl wey you go love

Well, won ro pe ko sheshee nibi t’omo tin shey goodie goodie

But, why dem hatin’ on me? It is really funny

Boya won ti gbagbe pe T Dollar o she’gbe anybody

They go still dey try attack me with their deadly rubbish

Many times wey dem don tell me pe “iro ni se”

“Music, kilon wan’be? t’oye ko wa n’ ibishe”

Moni “rara, koribe ma”, ’cause moni talent

Na so the thing go ti mo fi d’ero internet

So, from there, I started pushin’ my thing, and e dey move

O ye kin ma go further lati emi 92

But, o yami l’enu b’emi eyokan mi ti shey boost

“T Dollar” l’otun l’osi, ni Instagram, even on Facebook

Na so my lovely fans online con dey start to follow me

Omo yen ti boost

Aja ti gbera, who go marry me?

Elomi ma ni “ma support e”, dem wan dey bobo me

Mako wo won, ma m’iri ‘temi, smilin’ face emoji

Well, truth to be told, no be say I don too go like that

But, o l’alaye kan wey dey support me, na my dad

Even when I’m loosin’, na him be my Panasharp, so, mo gapa

But, where I foh dey if not for my papa?

A big shout out to my record label, iyen Double Six

Ojo ti mo freestyle funwon l’oti foh fun mi, ha-ha

Ere ni mo shey but won foh fun mi

Well, jokes apart, I want to say thank you for lovin’ me

It can never be done without the label and my team

Shout out to my manager as well, na my gee

Special thank you si alaye kan, Hala Madrid

Thankin’ you a billions of time is not a sin, tho

I wanna say a big shout out to everyone supportin’ my music

Supportin’ the long time movement

Ehn, ohun aladun o ni tan n’ile yin oh

Rapid, ban pa mic

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