[Lyrics] Peruzzi – Interlude (ft. Dj Ecool & Broda Shaggi) Lyrics

[DJ Ecool]

Hey Man, Is He Recording?

It’s 2000 & Ruzi, We don’t do no love shit no more

We done with that

What we gon do right now is some gangster shit

We gonna hear some uhmm Nasty Shit

Yunno what I’m talking about

Yunno what I mean

It’s your man E Cool, We gon hit em with the next record

It’s Cool Guy Na!


[Broda Shaggi]

Oga Jiagboran jorr, Shut Up Oyinbo po

Wetin dey do you

Person wan Sing, You dey say

He’s a Gangstar

Fun awa lorin joor may we dance Gbedu

Fire Na! Drop It! Thank You!

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