[Lyrics] Jaywon – Remember Lyrics

For the great works that you put out

For the love that you showed

For the smile you put on our faces


You will always be remembered

You will always be..

Remembered x2

Just like yesterday

We’re smiling

We’re singing


So sad to hear

That you gone..

Oluwabimpe Goldie

Iku fagba ton roku je ko je sile

O mu omo kekere lo

Ohun ton ban je ni ki o ma ba won je

Lajule orun


To ba bami ri Sade ile Darelaun

Ko ma bami ki baba temi

To ba bami ri Olaitan Dagrin

Eyan temi

Ki o ma bami ki

So sad

Yes I cry

I cry

We cry

Oh I wish say my tears go fit bring you back

I guess only God knows why

Why you had to leave us so soon

That was the first time I go see Baba Keke like that

Na the first time wey I go see so many people like that

Many people cried x2

Cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry


O ye Olorun

Ki a sa ma se dada

Ki a sa ma se dada loku

Awa to ku

Ki a sa ma se dada

Ki a sa ma se dada loku

O ye Olorun

Omo eleyi jawo

Jawo jawo l’omo

Don’t touch my body body

Mo le gba oko l’owo eh

Mehn Goldie

Gonna miss you forever mehn

Gonna miss you forever



Rest In Peace



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