[Lyrics] Brymo – Illusions Lyrics


You carry boyi go yonder

You say he no go oh

Slavers boku round town

Hin brother tell am oh

Stand for your ground

Make you no hurry follow go

Them dey sell people troway

My brother no go oh

The people them wey go river never return oh

Dem say na mami water

Carry everybody go oh

For full moon, Papa go farm he never return oh

Them say na the forest carry am swallow oh

Listen boyi, life no balance at all oh

You go place you no know

You no go return oh

Boyi feeling true

Him heart dey beat for the road oh

Him fate na to follow dem

Follow journey go

Ah ah ah

Wetin I think I become ah

Ah ah ah

Na illusion dem dey sell you so

Boyi look forth, him look out

No other place to go oh

He carry him few belongings

Reluctantly follow go

For this life we dey

The things you do you know oh

E better to go reach the place find how e dey oh

I talk am, I shout am boyi still dey travel go

Na destiny dey push man where him dey go ah

He try am, he fight am

Urge stronge no be small

The tori e dey the place

Where him dey go ah

Ah ah ahhhh

Na wetin I think I become

Ah ah ahhhh

Na illusion dem dey promise you so

Oga master no wan know how

Value pig fat pass people oh

He say dem be property

With him dog dem equal oh

Boyi clean gun, he shave beard

Oga trust no other

He for adopt boyi, but him people hala

That night boyi take razor he shave am proper

The way Oga dey like am, no touch him moustache ah

Poison for soup, for family and the guards dem

He slash master throat too from ear to ear ah

Ah ah ahhhh

Boyi na most wanted for strange country ah

Ah ah ah

He dey gather soldiers ah

From plantations he dey break boys free

Ehn ehn

My people

The main reason we gather here today

Na him concern us now

Na there we dey go next

Ah today on behalf of the people of the city and the township

The entire tribe and our very very race

We go unveil this statue of boyi

We go give our honorable personality himself

The scissors to use cut the ribbon

For service to humanity

And to race and eh we salute you sir

We salute you well well

Because you really touch our lives

You don change our lives

From generation to generation to come

Nothing go ever remain the same for us

Yes, this statue na the honor of your greatness and service

Thank you

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