[Lyrics] Kay Flock – DOA (Ft. Set Da Trend) Lyrics


(feat. Dougie B, Jo Bandz, Set Da Trend)





Like, grrah-grrah



Be yourself and stay up in ya lane (Lane)

Why you runnin’, I ain’t even flame?

Shoot wit’ double hands, that’s how I got my aim

Eli got shot, he walkin’ wit’ a cane (Cane)

And Sha Gz keep mentionin’ my name (Like, huh?)

When you see me, nigga, you better flame, like

And you said Dougie B gon’ get murdered?

That’s my brother, I’m uppin’ that thang

DOA, I’ma geek on the track (Bitch)

EBK, I’ma leave it like that, like (Like that)

Everything dead, I ain’t givin’ no dap (Bitch)

If you ridin’ wit’ ’em them, then you getting tapped (Like, grrah)

And they like, “Kay, he gotta cool” (Cool)

Niggas pussy, nigga, we ain’t cool

Niggas smokin’ wit’ niggas who smokin’ my mans?

That’s on bro, I’m uppin’ on him too (Grrah, grrah)

Niggas politickin’, they be fake (Fake)

Wanna talk, then fuck up out my face

My chop’ getting up, fuck who in the way (Like, what?)

Get up wit’ me if you feel a way

Or I get up wit’ you nigga, either way (Where you at?)

Done talkin’, bitch it’s EBK (Like, huh?)

700, bitch, it’s DOA

When you see me, nigga, word to Blay


Speak on the dead, no takin’ it back (What?)

I be buggin’, I’m quick to attack (Damn)

I can’t go out like Lotti or Matt (What?)

Keep a pole, brodie told me, “Don’t lack”

Mula keep shootin’, leave ’em on the pavement (Baow)

I can’t talk about that situation

Pop me a Perky, got me elevated

They like, “YB, you different”

Run down, watch me get to clickin’

I start throwin’ bullets like a pitcher

Lotti, he dead, spin through the Hav (Gang)

I’m tryna shoot it, aim it at his face

Too many opps livin’ up, it’s a shame

Sha Gz got beat, where the fuck was your gang?

Yus Gz, slide up wit’ the stick, let it bang (Grrah, wit’ the stick, let it bang, like, wit’ the stick, let it—)


On court, actin’ bad wit’ a deucey (Deucey)

Talkin’ hot, you get burned like a loosie

After loosie, get schooled wit’ this toolie

Baba, she lined him, tricked him, he a foolie

Totin’ guns, ain’t talkin’ Call of Duty (Grrah)

Wet him up, ain’t talkin’ no jacuzzi (Grrah)

Mr. Make-A-Movie, leave ’em gooey (Grrah, grrah)

You gon’ hold the stick or you gon’ boom it? (Grrah-grrah, boom)


I told Kay, “Bro, I’m missin’ screws” (Grrah)

We gon’ want it, nigga, we going loose (Like)

Brought the mop and Yagi brought the broom

Shoot for JB, I’ma see you soon (Grrah, grrah)

Two guns on me, I’ma act a fool

Smoking wit’ opps, they thinkin’ shit is cool (Like)

Run up on me, I’ma clear the room

YB shootin’, I ain’t talkin’ hoops (Grrah-grrah, boom)

DrillyK niggas smoking who? (Like, who?)

His lil’ dumbass got me on the moon (Dummy)

Fuck that, Lotti in it too (Like, like, like)


Once again, I’ma geek on the track (Like, what?)

If she shake it like nation, I beat on her back

Me and Doug back-to-back like the Beatles on track

If he talkin’ on bro, we gon’ aim for his cap


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